open daily, 7:30am-5:30pm

please call ahead for daily scheduleS & times

All classes are complimentary for hotel guests. Class size is limited. Please reserve your space in advance by calling 808-667-0161 or sign-up at Kawenaokeao in the lobby.

lei kukui restring

If you are a returning guest, please bring your kukui nut lei and receive your white nut to honor your visit. We would be happy to show you how to restring your lei with this new addition and welcome you back as part of our KBH 'ohana.

Daily: 1:00pm


Learn the importance of hula in preserving our culture, language, history, and stories of Hawai'i.

Sunday and Saturday: 2:30pm

Tuesday: 11:30am

Thursday: 3:30pm


Letters, words, short phrases, and the history of the Hawaiian language will be shared through lessons, chants, hula, stories, place names, proverbs, and more.

Sunday and Saturday: 8:30am

Monday: 11:30am

Tuesday: 3:30pm


Discover the development and history of Hawaiian music and songs.  Learn a few chords on the ukulele and Hawaiian words in a mele.

Monday: 10:00am

Wednesday and Thursday: 11:30am

Friday: 3:30pm


Learn about the different lei making styles, and gain understanding of the significance of lei, traditional uses, gathering protocols, and how they are used today.

Sunday and Saturday: 3:30pm

Monday - Friday: 2:30pm


Kilo Moana

Learn the importance of the nearshore environment and how to detect and avoid potential ocean hazards.

Daily: 1:00pm


Learn about Maui, Hawaiian culture, spirituality, and language through stories relating to the native plants on our property.

Monday and Wednesday: 3:30pm

Friday: 10:00am


Learn how Hawaiian fibers are gathered, prepared, and woven. Observe a weaving practitioner use fibers such as lauhala, launiu, or hau to create traditional Hawaiian items.

Sunday and Saturday: 11:30am

Thursday: 10:00am

Friday: 8:30am


Come enjoy a performance held by our employees that celebrates Hawaiian music, singing, and dance.


ʻOHE kāpala

Learn how cloth was made and see the plants that were used. You will experience the process from beginning to end and decorate your own small piece of kapa.

Monday and Wednesday: 8:30am


Learn about the various elements of nature utilized in traditional navigational techniques.

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday: 10:00am


Take this opportunity to see the different traditional Hawaiian instruments and learn how they were made and used in Hawaiian culture.

Tuesday and Thursday: 8:30am