Virtual Tour of Maui

He ho‘omaka hou -- A new beginning

As we navigate through this difficult time, let’s all think about better days ahead. New ways to work safely, new ways to connect with family and friends, new ways to travel, and new places to go. When you are ready, the island paradise of Maui looks forward to welcoming you (or welcoming you back) for a new beginning, but with the same, familiar spirit of Aloha.

Ka'anapali Beach coastline near Ka'anapali Beach Hotel Hawaii

Kā‘anapali Beach

The sun-drenched shoreline of Kā‘anapali was long ago home to a flourishing ancient Hawaiian community. Its famous landmark, Puu Kekaa (known as Black Rock) was a sacred place where the natives believed the souls of the deceased would leap off to go from the physical world into the spiritual realm. As the plantation era came and sugar cane operations overtook the island, these villages gradually disappeared. Today, this resort area has expanded into a world-class destination with luxury oceanfront resorts, championship golf courses, shopping, and dining. For families, honeymooners, empty nesters, or sun-seekers, the golden stretch of beach remains the main attraction for snorkeling, paddle boarding, sunset sails, whale watching (in season) or simply relaxing for the day.

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Lāhainā Town near Ka'anapali Beach Hotel Hawaii

Lāhainā Town

From its origins as a small fishing village, to the royal capital of the Hawaiian kingdom, to a prominent whaling port, Lāhainā town has a long and colorful past. Take a historic walking tour to see and learn about the places and people that shaped Lāhainā. Stroll down Front Street lined with local art galleries, boutique shops, oceanfront dining and entertainment. Cool off in the shade of the immense Banyan tree, filling a full block city block and providing a frequent setting for art and craft fairs as well as community events. Set out from Lāhainā harbor on a fishing excursion, sunset sail, dinner cruise, or whale watching (in season).

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Road to Hāna near Ka'anapali Beach Hotel Hawaii

Road to Hana

Prepare yourself for mile after twisting, turning mile of natural beauty and stunning views. It’s not really about Hana as a destination - it’s about the journey getting there. Choose your stops along the route and take time to hike and explore or just pause and enjoy the scenery. Bamboo forests, rainbow eucalyptus trees, and numerous exotic plants and flowers provide color and diversity along the way. Waterfalls are abundant, some visible from the highway, some require a short hike. If time permits, continue past Hana to the Pools of Oheo (Seven Sacred Pools). These serene, tiered pools are fed by waterfalls and you can take a refreshing dip after the long drive (weather and conditions permitting).

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Haleakalā National Park near Ka'anapali Beach Hotel Hawaii

Haleakalā National Park

View sunrise at the summit of this dormant volcanic crater for an awe-inspiring moment in time. The barren, but colorful landscape and panoramas transport you to another world. Relish the absolute silence, especially if you venture down into the crater on one of the park’s hiking trails. The slopes leading up to the summit are home to rare, native Hawaiian species of birds and plants including the unique Silversword plant. At night the vast, velvet sky reveals stars, planets, and moons for an unsurpassed stargazing experience. For ancient Hawaiians, the summit was a site for religious rituals and ceremonies. Sacred places were established within the crater which are used for cultural rites and celebrations yet today.

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