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Mahalo for choosing to book your activities with Hale Huaka`i; the Ocean and Cultural activities hale at Kā`anapali Beach Hotel. Hale Huaka`i specializes in ocean activities, island adventures and cultural education.

Hours of Operation: 7am to 4pm

For more information about the outdoor activities listed below or any of our cultural activities, please contact us at Hale Huakaʻi, by calling (808) 667-0134, or email us at halehuakai@kbhmaui.com

Conch Shell Blowing

This complimentary activity is offered to guests of all ages interested in the history and use of the Pū, or conch shell.

A cultural history as well as an old legend will be shared by our Beach Alakaʻi to provide the guest with a glance back in time, when the sound of the pū may have signaled the approach of Hawaiian royalty, or the arrival of a voyaging canoe from a far away land. 

Once the basic skills are gained, a contest is held where participants take turns to see who can blow the longest or loudest.  Highest regard is given to the one who can vary the pitch of their blow. 

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Snorkel Smart

Pool Lessons and Beach Walk. This is a complimentary activity offered to Kāʻanapali Beach Hotel guests who identify themselves as beginning snorkelers. For ages 10 and up.

This activity focuses on providing first time snorkelers with the skills and pointers that will help to make the guests first underwater experience both enjoyable and safe.

Our Beach Alakaʻi will show the guest the proper and safe use of a mask, snorkel, and swim fins.  Pool games using mask and snorkel are used to further develop skill and confidence. 

Finally, the guest will be given an orientation of the beach fronting the hotel where they are shown the best spots for entering and exiting the water.  Time is also spent learning to identify potentially hazardous conditions by observing the ocean or signage placed on the beach.  

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