Perpetuating the culture

Whereas many hotels may have one cultural adviser, we pride ourselves on having an entire staff dedicated to perpetuating Hawaiian culture and sharing our knowledge with the guests.


Being Hawai'i's Most Hawaiian Hotel by name means that we are continually striving for our commitment to Po'okela (excellence) in all that we do.

Created by Hotel General Manager Mike White and Dr. George Kanahele, a leading authority on Hawaiian culture, the program includes topics like Hawaiian geography, religion, mythology, economics, technology and the native Hawaiian diet. A groundbreaking program, Po'okela is chief among many reasons that the Kā‘anapali Beach Hotel is recognized by numerous industry awards each year, including Travel Age West's "Best Resort for a Hawaiian Cultural Experience" and National Geographic Traveler's "Culture List".

Hawai'i's Most Hawaiian Hotel

Recognized as the “Most Hawaiian Hotel” by the Waiaha Foundation based on over 100 criteria. The Hawaii Tourism Authority has also presented the “He Kuleana Ke Aloha” award to the hotel for demonstrating an ongoing responsibility, commitment and dedication to honoring and perpetuating the Hawaiian culture for generations to come. We are the only hotel to receive either of these honors.

Of over 100 reasons why we recieved these awards, here are the top 10:

  1. Hawaiian culture activities daily
  2. Hawaiian entertainment (music and hula), daily
  3. High level of customer satisfaction from guests looking for a unique Hawaiian experience
  4. Lei Ceremony for departing guests five times daily
  5. Employs a staff of full-time Hawaiian cultural advisors
  6. Hawaiian artifacts and décor including canoes, hales, pahu drums, taro patches, hundreds of employee made Hawaiian crafts during Makahiki season
  7. Usage of the Hawaiian language throughout property and in hotel brochures and other printed material.
  8. Since 1986, committed to a program to teach employees of the Hawaiian culture, Po’okela.
  9. Emphasis on serving native Hawaiian cuisine in the restaurant.
  10. Specially designed uniforms relating to Ka’anapali though images and song lyrics.

The Cultural Experience

Here we believe that inviting our guests to join us and immerse themselves and their family in our culture that we are perpetuating the authentic Hawaiian message that "Aloha" truly comes from the heart. Once a guest stays with us they become one of our 'ohana (family) this is why we have our Lei Kukui ceremony. Beginning with a traditional oli (chant), the ceremony explains the symbolic significance of our kukui nut leis that we present our guests with. Part of this ceremony is to tell them that at Kā'anapali Beach Hotel we do not say "goodbye" we say "A hui hou" (until we meet again) because once you are 'ohana, our door will always be open to you. 

Whereas many hotels may have one cultural adviser, we pride ourselves on having an entire staff dedicated to perpetuating Hawaiian culture.

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