Road to Hana

Fifty unforgettable miles of waterfalls, tropical rainforest, and breathtaking views

Road to Hāna near Ka'anapali Beach Hotel Hawaii
The Coastline of Hana near Ka'anapali Beach Hotel Hawaii

Prepare yourself for mile after twisting, turning mile of natural beauty and stunning views. It’s not really about Hana as a destination - it’s about the journey getting there. Choose your stops along the route and take time to hike and explore or just pause and enjoy the scenery. Bamboo forests, rainbow eucalyptus trees, and numerous exotic plants and flowers provide color and diversity along the way. Waterfalls are abundant, some visible from the highway, some require a short hike. If time permits, continue past Hana to the Pools of Oheo (Seven Sacred Pools). These serene, tiered pools are fed by waterfalls and you can take a refreshing dip after the long drive (weather and conditions permitting).


Photo Credit: HTA/Tor Johnson

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