Hula O Nā Keiki

Hula O Nā Keiki | November 11-12, 2016 | Kanahele Ball Room

Hālau Rules and Forms:

To apply for the competition, submit the following forms by the stated deadlines. Contact will be initiated by the Competition Administrator to verify a hālau’s participation.

Each hālau must submit the following by July 1, 2016:

  1. Hula O Nā Keiki Agreement to Participate + kumu(s) individual headshot picture(s)
  2. Hula Pālua Information (if applicable, + individual headshot pictures)
  3. Parent Consent Forms for each contestant
  4. Soloist Haumana Information (+ headshot picture)

Submit the following by August 1, 2016:

  1. Song Sheet Forms for all words to all mele (oli, ka‘i/ho‘i kahiko, ka‘i/ho‘i ‘auana, mele ‘auana and/or ka‘i/ho‘i palua, mele palua.
  2. Sufficient documentation stating dates when ‘auana songs were composed
  3. Sound Requirement Form (1 per hālau only)

Submit the following by October 1, 2016:

  1. Soloist Costume Description Form for each contestant
  2. Pālua Costume Description Form (if applicable) for each couple

Hula O Na Keiki Rules 

Rules 2016

Pre-Competition Narrative:

All applications are to be complete by the required deadlines or points will be deducted. Soliciting kokua from halau alaka‘i or parents is always helpful in the application process. Alaka‘i or parents can assist by completing and submitting the written forms, thus allowing the kumu to concentrate on the research and the creative process. Start early to reduce last minute stress. The palapala requirement accounts for 5% of the overall points. Any questions regarding the applications can be directed to Dee Coyle, Competition Administrator at 808-667-0218 or

  • Complete all applications and requirements for each participant by the required deadlines. To apply, download Microsoft Word files and submit all e-files to Competition Administrator. No changes in the palapala will be accepted after it has been submitted to the judges.
  • The mele kahiko will be provided to you as soon as it becomes available.
  • There will be no duplication of hapa haole ‘auana and Hawaiian palua main songs and ka’i/ho’i in its own category. This means that a song chosen as a ka’i/ho’i, cannot be duplicated as a ka’i/ho’i, but it can be used as a main mele by another hālau. (Same for main mele) First come, first serve. You may call or email the Competition Administrator to reserve your song at any time before submitting your completed application.
  • Use only Hula O Nā Keiki forms and only if necessary, attach addendums. Keep paperwork to a minimum.
  • Headshots of each contestant and kumu must accompany the applications and will be used in the printed program and other PR material. JPEG digital files of at least 300 dpi is acceptable. Please refer to Rules for instructions of headshots.


Interviews begin Friday morning in the Mana’o Room (second floor above the Beauty Salon). Arrive early and get settled. Each halau will be allowed only 20 minutes. Practice keeping the entire halau’s interview to this time frame. There will be a timekeeper and facilitator in this session.

The haumana should be prepared to speak at the interview. It is a good idea to rehearse the student’s presentation and anticipate the judges’ questions about their hula, adornments, mele and culture.

Bring costumes and a sample of the lei/adornments to the Interview. Haumana will be asked to describe the adornments and its significance. There will be a table to display items at the Interview session. Costumes should be on hangers. Ti-leaf skirts may need to be unrolled. Judges will ask to see the adornments outside of plastic bags or plastic containers.

At least one halau representative should be present in the interview. It is also okay to have only the haumana in the room.

No additional paperwork can be given to the judges during the interview. However, if there is a need to tell or ask the judges’ any questions, this is the time to do it.

Palua participants will not be judged in the interview but are required to be present.

After 20 minutes, the Hālau will be dismissed and the interview of the kumu for the Akoni Akana Perpetual Award will be conducted for 10 minutes. Kumu please be prepared to share your hula mana‘o with the judges at this time.


Kahiko stage placement rehearsals are scheduled after the interview session on Friday and ‘auana on Saturday. An Interview/Rehearsal Schedule will be provided as time approaches. A kako‘o will be present to expedite rehearsals.


Plan to arrive in the holding area at least 10 minutes early. Refreshments will be provided backstage. Points may be deducted if a performance is out of order. 

Hālau Ticket Information:

Kumu and competition haumana do not need tickets to enter the competition room. However, although name tags allow free entry, it only allows seating in General Seating. It does not allow a seat in Reserve Seating with hālau without a paid reserve ticket. Musicians and hālau kokua will enter and exit from backstage only. If they want to watch the competition, they must purchase a ticket.

Hālau rates for tickets will be available. Call the Ohana Fun Center @ 808-667-0129 to reserve.

Other Activities:

A Festival of Hawaiian Arts will be featured throughout the competition weekend. Artisans from all over the state will be prominently stationed throughout the courtyard sharing their fine works of jewelry, clothing, Hawaiian implements, and accessories.

Entertainment, demonstrations, and food booths serving delicious foods, will be available throughout the weekend. In between rehearsals and performances, enjoy the festivities planned around this event.

Hotel Reservations:

Special room rates will be available to each kumu and participating hālau. To qualify for these rates, the kumu must use a Hula O Nā Keiki Room Reservations form. This will be made available by the Competition Administrator once a hālau registration is completed.

Contact Information:

Ms. Dee Coyle, Competition Administrator or 808-667-0218

Ms. Malia Kekona, Assistant Competition Administrator or 808-667-0139

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