Guest Rooms and Property Map

Building Information


Maui, Lanai, and Kauai are six-story buildings with elevators. Bathrooms feature a full-sized bathtub and shower facilities.

Molokai is a non-smoking, three-story building. It is not equipped with an elevator. Bathrooms feature shower facilities (no bathtubs).





Room Categories (Views)

Aloha Value Rooms

Face the exterior lawns or surrounding hotels.    
Location: Kauai and Molokai buildings. 

Garden View Rooms

Rooms face interior and/or exterior lawns. 
Location: Kauai and Molokai buildings.

Pool | Courtyard View Rooms

Views of the courtyard, including areas of lawn, gardens, and/or pool.
Location: ALL buildings.

Partial Ocean View Rooms

Limited view of the ocean from the lanai.
Location: ALL buildings. 

Ocean View Rooms

Offer a view of the ocean from within the room.
Location: Maui, Lanai, and Kauai buildings.

Ocean Front Rooms

Face the ocean just a few yards from the beach.
Locations: Kauai and Molokai buildings,


* Actual room view may vary depending on location.