One of the many benefits of Hawaii's cultural diversity is that you can taste it! Literally. Each succeeding wave of immigration to arrive Hawaii's shores brought along its homeland's cuisine. Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Portuguese, and even the sturdy fare favored by American missionaries from New England. Blend and mix with the Hawaiians' love for food and unique flavors of native ingredients, and the result is ono (delicious).
At Hawaii's Most Hawaiian Hotel we take pride in serving our guests the best of Hawaii Regional cuisine. And Mauians agree. That's why readers of the Maui News, our community newspaper, have voted our offerings "The Best Hawaiian Cuisine."

In this section, find out more about our hotel dining choices, check out the Kupanaha Magical Dinner Theater, see our many banquets & catering services, sample our chef's special recipe, and explore buying gifts for guests.






  November 27 Thanksgiving Day Feast
  December 25 Christmas Day Brunch
  December 31 New Year's Eve Gala